Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Been A Wild Ride

Wow, what a crazy start to the year we've had. My class hasn't changed much, but everything around me was in flux until today. I started the year with 33 bright and shiny third graders on my roster. Thirty-two arrived ready to learn with one no show. Now, after hiring a new teacher and creating several combination classes and moving about 70 students from one class to another, I have 28. This is the smallest class I have taught since the days of true class size reduction. It is a dream. There is floor space in my room once again.

So, after all of this movement and turmoil, Back to School Night is tomorrow. To say I am behind on my preparations is an understatement. I just finished my presentation, have to make copies in the morning and still have lots of things to hang in my classroom. I am confident pretty sure that it will all get done. How's that for positive thinking? 

Even with my nerves about the event, I am excited about Back to School Night. I worked hard this summer to decorate and prepare my classroom. I have gotten wonderful feedback from parents and students alike.  I can't wait to stand up in my beautiful, organized room and talk with all of my wonderful parents about my plans for their students this year.

I'll post pictures soon... after I get it all together.


  1. 28!!! Good for you...I have 20 Grade 3's in my room as Grades 1-3 are capped at 20 in my province. I've done 28 Grade 7's and 8's....but the 3's would be crazy. I am impressed. My 20 tell me so many random stories during the day I can't even imagine what having 8 more would be like.
    Thinking of Teaching

  2. Beth,

    I am loving the smaller group. It is amazing how 4 students can change your outlook. I have more space and definitely fewer kids to get to. And don't even get me started on grading fewer papers. :) I miss the days of 20. But, more kids just means more to love!