Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Currently - October

I am linking up with Farley for Currently for the first time. I love reading these, but I haven't been able to get mine posted earlier. I hope this gives some of my blogging friends a chance to know me better.

I actually just finished reading My Father's Dragon to my class. They loved it! Kids always seem to pass it up because of the dated cover, but it is awesome and so much fun!


  1. Oops... just noticed that my thinking section makes NO SENSE... what I was trying to say was that I want to find a way to help my group of non-reading third graders... they are WAY behind and struggling daily.

  2. Your blog is SOOOOOO adorable! I love the owls, they are super cute! I'm visiting from Farley's Currently and I'm amazed that you play hockey!!! AWESOME!!! I'm a new follower!


  3. I understood what you were saying. I am trying to figure that out with several of my students as well. I LOVE your blog design. I'm just starting out with blogging and yours is so cute. I like the new Pink song as well.

    The Teacher's Backpack

  4. Sometimes with books, the oldies are the goodies! Never judge a book by its cover : )

    Young Daze in 5th Grade

  5. Hi Julie,

    I love your blog! I found you through Farley, and am your newest follower! I love Pink, too! I have some third graders that are really struggling with math - it's just so over their heads, so I can understand your feelings about the non-readers. Ugh - I need to exercise, too - just can't fit in...
    Learning in the Little Apple