Sunday, July 29, 2012

My First Blog Hop - First Day Jitters!

Fierce in Fourth is having a Blog Hop and I am giving it a try. This whole blogging thing seems to come with a new language I need to learn... linky, favicon, button, etc. My head is spinning, but in a great way.

My first week jitters:
1. I am waiting to see if my principal is going to change our lunchtime to create a more manageable schedule for supporting the many combination classes our school has next year. I don't feel like I can make solid plans until I know what time I go to lunch for how long I am will have 40 kids in my class.
2. I hope that our new N-Computing system will be installed by the first day of school since I unhooked all of my computers yesterday to clean and move tables. If not, I guess I will be signing up for the computer lab a lot. :)
3. This may seem like a strange jitter, but I am a little lot OCD so it is a big deal to me. I hope that I will like the changes I made to my classroom including getting rid of my teacher desk and a table I had in the back of the classroom for small groups, parents helpers and one-on-one aides for some of my friends, moving my computer tables (they now block my second whiteboard, but I can still post things on it), and my new classroom theme - owls. I am pretty sure it will all be okay, but these are the things that keep me awake at night.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog hop! It's so nice to see someone else starting out blogging.

    I started blogging just a short bit ago... but I did some web design prior so I have most of it figured out.

    Did I read that you will have 40 kids?!?! Wow!

    Can't wait to see more!
    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

    1. Hi Ashley -
      I am having fun with the blog hops!

      I will have 40 kids for part of the day. We have a 3/4 combination class. The fourth graders have a different lunch time, so I will cover some of the kids while the teacher is at lunch. I will also take them for science and PE. For the rest of the day I will have 32 kids.

      Our classes have been that big for quite a while. It seems like the new normal. Isn't that kind of sad?

      How big are your class sizes?


  2. 40 kids!!!! Whoa! You deserve a medal! I don't have a medal for you, but I did nominate you for a blog award. Stop on over to my blog to pick it up:)
    The Common Core Classroom

    1. Thank you Carrie!

      I only have 40 kids for part of the day. I cover for a combination teacher during her lunch. There are just more kids to love. The rest of the time I have 32 kids. It's a lot, but it's manageable.

      Thanks for the award. I feel so special!