Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'd like to thank my parents...

Wow! My first week of blogging and I have already gotten an award! How fitting considering I am watching the Olympics and watching all of these talented people earn medals.

Thank you to The Common Core Classroom for your sweet words and award.

So, I have to include 7 random facts about myself. Here goes:
1. I started playing ice hockey this year in an adult Rookie league. It's fun and great exercise. Here is a picture of me in all of my gear with my son who plays a whole lot better than I do.
My first year of hockey - too bad it was at a Ducks' rink, not my beloved Kings.

2. My brother and I were born on the same day, one year apart. Irish Twins.
3. My husband and I met in 6th grade and "went around" with each other. We didn't last long, but rekindled our romance in our late 20's and got married when we were both 30. We've been married 11 years.
4. My first principal was my assistant principal in junior high school. It was kind of like teaching for my mom.
5. My mom was the sub caller for the district I teach in. Before I got my job, she would "call" me for the jobs that no one else wanted by yelling upstairs to wake me up.
6. I was nominated for Homecoming Queen at Chico State University.
7. I have two different colored eyes - one green, one blue.

Wow, I am not sure I have checked out 15 blogs yet... I probably have, but I am going to have to do some investigating for this next step. I nominate:

1.  The bomb diggity classroom
2. Teaching Third
3. We Read, We Blog, We Teach
4. Runde's Room
5. A Modern Teacher
6. A Teacher's Treasure

Well, that's all I have time for tonight... I promise I will come back and finish off my nominations.

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  1. I have fun reading about how other teachers got into the field. Thanks for sharing. I saw your blog awhile back on the newbie blog hop and forgot to stop by. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Challenges Make Life Interesting