Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classroom Update

Today I got a rare treat... 4 hours of uninterrupted work time in my classroom alone (thanks mom and dad for having Ryan over). I got to play my Jason Mraz Radio on Pandora as loud as I wanted, spend time making my classroom a happy and colorful place, and ease back into my relationship with my classroom after a long absence from one another. I found that I really had missed it.

Yesterday I tried to put together a desk I got at Ikea, but really needed a drill or electric screwdriver... or much bigger biceps. Today, I brought the drill and made quick work of the desk. I love it! It is for my laptop and document camera to live on. I especially love the pink legs... they just make me happy. Not a bad looking set up for $19.99. 

After tackling that project, I moved on to changing a bulletin board. I changed the border and title to go with my new owl theme. I think it turned out great. I am going to add blue clothes pins with a photo of each child hot glued on it on each black paper to hang student work from. I can't do that until the kids come on Sept. 5th. This will stay up all year.
My next project was to outfit my clock with some great little numbers that I downloaded from TPT. I can't remember who I got them from... if you know, please leave a comment... I would like to give credit where credit is due. I love them. It looks so cute!
When I was on one of my many shopping trips to Target, I found this great canvas. I love what it says and hope it inspires my students like it does me.
Finally, I did a little bit more work on my teacher corner. If you have been reading my posts you know I got rid of my desk and replaced it with a student desk from Target. This is what my teacher corner looks like now. I have my desk, lamp and chair from Target. The bins are from Really Good Stuff, my dad built the bookshelves (thanks dad!), and I found the cute tree and owl bulletin board from Carson-Dellosa. My Timree.com personalized owl lunchbox is on my desk. It is filled with my personal items like lotion, mints, etc. that I can't store in my desk anymore. My pencil cup says "Smarty Pants". It was a gift from a former parent after I shared the story of my son (7 at the time) asking me why I called him a smarty pants since that wasn't where his brain was stored? He is very literal. The parent and I had a good laugh over this and hence the gift. It still makes me smile every time I see it! The file cart next to my desk was a Costco find several years ago. I am so happy with how it all has come together. I am going to fill the boards with student work and anchor charts when the kiddos arrive.

Now I am really done with school prep until after my vacation to Kauai for my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary. I feel good to have gotten so much done today. I still have work to do, and my new Silhouette Cameo will be here when I return. I am sure I will find many creative projects that I just HAVE to do once that arrives.

Until then... ALOHA!


  1. Hey! I'm your newest follower. Love the owls. I, too, am an owl themer. I started it like three years ago, when you didn't see owls everywhere!

    But I'm sticking with it, cannot turn back now after all the stuff I've made!

    Come check out my new blog and follow me too.


  2. I love that canvas! I will have to keep my eyes open on my next trip to Target! (Was this a recent find?)

    Grade Three is the Place for Me!

    1. Hi Janis,

      Yes, it was a recent find. I got it about a week or two ago.


  3. Adorable classroom and blog! I am your newest follower :) I hope you can stop by my blog soon.