Sunday, December 9, 2012

Parent Teacher Conferences & Help Wanted

Well, I survived parent teacher conferences last week. It is such a long process, but so valuable. It is tough to make every parent feel like you are there just for them after having the same conversation 30 times. But, I think I did it well and hope that my parents came away with as much inspiration and pride in their kids as I did.

Now, two more weeks until Winter Recess! I can't wait. I have several books waiting for me on my Kindle. I am afraid to even peek at them for fear that I won't be able to put it down and focus on anything remotely school or holiday related. So, I must hide the Kindle from myself. The fact that I can access it from my iPad, or iPhone is just going to be a test of my willpower.

We are working on stories in class right now. The kids are having a great time trying to save Santa who has found himself stuck in their chimney. My kids have great imaginations, but they don't seem to be putting them to their full use on this one. I am reading attempt after attempt to push or pull Santa by his feet or arms. Jumping on him seems to be another favorite strategy. I am having trouble getting them to think outside the box and create interesting and imaginative solutions to this problem. Last year's class was pouring butter and oil on Santa, using vaccuums, toilet plungers and Nerf guns. How do you all inspire your kids to be imaginative and creative? I tried modeling my crazy ideas in a parallel story about getting a cat out of a tree because I didn't want them to copy borrow my ideas for their story. The stories will be great, just not as great as I know they could be. Any and all ideas/inspiration to help this struggling teacher would be appreciated.

Until later... happy holidays and let the countdown begin.

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